Reacties op de veroordeling van Harry Simon

In Namibië kwam er vandaag een stroom van reacties op gang wegens de geringe straf die bokser Harry Simon (the Terminator) kreeg toebedeeld voor het doden en verwonden van toeristen uit Knokke-Heist. Velen vonden de straf veel te licht, te meer daar iemand in Namibië een veel langere gevangenisstraf kreeg voor het stelen van een paar runderen. Dit zijn de reacties:

* OUR country sucks! Harry Simon gets two years for killing three tourists and Hamutenya gets 15 years for stealing four head of cattle. What a horrible country we live in.
* NAMIBIA will be a forsaken tourist destination.
* JUSTICE at last for 'The Terminator'. His actions have terminated the lives of five people in total.
* HARRY'S sentence should have been doubled! What is two years?
* WHY should Harry get such a light sentence for killing three people? Thomas Florin got life for killing his wife. Harry gets two years. Come on, this smacks of political favouritism. The law should treat all criminals equally severe.
* IT'S a shame that Simon did not steal a cow. Then at least he would have gotten a longer sentence.
* AT least justice has been served with Harry Simon's sentence. The ever increasing lawlessness and disregard for others lives has gotten out of control. It should have been 20 years jail and banned from driving for life.
* THREE dead people equals two years in prison. But three live cows equal 15 years in prison! That is beyond my comprehension.
* JUSTICE has been served. Thank you judges, we don't know why it took so long.
* IS there a restriction to our democracy? If the majority are in favour of the death penalty, why the excuse of a sacred document called the Constitution.
* SIMON has learnt that the law doesn't care about your social or national status. But in fact the sentence was very light. Let us all learn from his lesson.
* I DO not understand the case against Harry. To me the accident was a mistake and should have been treated us such.
* IF you kill someone you must go to jail. If Harry goes to jail, so should all criminals.The justice system is allowing criminals to roam free by giving them bail.
* WE hear someone killed his wife and set the body on fire and was granted bail. Harry Simon's accident that killed the tourists was not deliberate, it was an ACCIDENT. Set him free.
* WHAT the judge did to Harry was unfair. It was an accident in which the tourists died. Harry has made peace with the family who lost their loved ones. I call on the government to free the boxer and allow him to pursue his boxing career. I, Bernhard Kamatoto will pray for you during these difficult times.
* WAS the deadly car crash between Harry's vehicle and the Belgian visitors deliberate? If so, let him face the charges. I see Harry's punishment as a sort of a disciplinary action against the ex-boxer.
* JUSTICE has taken it's course. All of us are equal before the law. Harry is lucky to have walked away with a lenient jail term.
* HARRY'S punishment, in my opinion, is not commensurate with the crime he committed. However, it will be interesting to see what time period he will spend in jail. Two years? A-la Paris Hilton!
* FINALLY, Harry Simon is where he belongs! But what took them so long to lock him up? Does his skin colour play a role - maybe?

* HARRY Simon deserves more than just two years in jail. Being a champion does not mean you should go around beating up people.
* HARRY deserves more than just two years in jail. Being a champion does not mean you should be notorious like Mike Tyson or whoever. Time for him to learn that he can beat anyone but not the law.- Seun
* WE live in the BEST country! Only two years for Harry. Try to steal a cow and you rot in jail! Kill a few and you only sit for two years! Land of the Brave.
* HARRY Simon nafile ofhenda aefwe. (Have mercy on Harry) Making the ACC connection